Facebook – Should tech companies decide for us what’s true and false?

It seems Facebook will make an attempt to filter out obvious fraud and deception by hostile foreign powers but still allow American politicians to potentially mislead.

The new prohibitive measures probably won’t probe high-level, backroom corruption where politicians have an economic interest in allowing foreign powers to lead them around by the nose, either through investments, perks, bribes or threats, but it will block some of the more obvious, heavy-handed attempts to hinder democracy.*

Zuckerberg also wants to create a digital currency, which long-winded members of congress arguably are using as a vehicle to puff up their sails. In response, Zuckerberg argues that China is no slouch and if the Western world doesn’t get on board we will be behind.

* Investigating clandestine international corruption isn’t Facebook’s responsibility, that job rests on intelligence agencies (assuming they are not irrevocably compromised).

One thought on “Facebook – Should tech companies decide for us what’s true and false?

  1. Just corrected an inelegancy in my footnote – it makes more sense to say:

    * Investigating clandestine international corruption…

    instead of

    * Not investigating clandestine international corruption…

    (as initially posted)


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