‘People are very angry about the way these writers and politicians are trying to silence free speech, silence women, and bully the library,’ Murphy wrote

Source: Meghan Murphy, the woman behind trans wars breaking out at the public library | National Post


Free speech in Canada: Love everything but hate Trump!

Seriously, over the years I have seen political correctness creep up in Canada like never before. Simply think critically about climate change and chances are you will be branded as a sinful, irresponsible “denier” who hates the next generation. Pretty heavy trip for someone who just wants to use the mind God gave them.

The takeaway here is that we’re not really as free and enlightened as many suppose we are. There is still a herd mentality. Just go against it to find out how easy it is to get trampled… by those who apparently “love” everything.

Make that… love everything they agree with.