Morehead State University :: State official to speak about human trafficking Nov. 7 | + Opinion

Taylor said human trafficking does not operate in the way it is portrayed in movies… “Our misconceptions make [human traffickers] lives so much easier,” Taylor said. “If we’re all thinking of it as a kidnapping situation, we’re going to miss the people who are building that trust and finding [victim’s] weaknesses, and that’s how sex traffickers really operate.”

Source: Morehead State University :: State official to speak about human trafficking Nov. 7


One of the things that concerns me these days is the lackadaisical attitude toward corruption, which let’s face it, is a euphemism for crime. People say “corruption” when they don’t want to stir up too much trouble within their particular organization. There’s no point in going overboard with descriptives if it will just cost you big time.

With the tremendous rise in gang violence in Toronto, however, the issue cannot be ignored and local news outlets are finally calling it what it is: organized crime. I’m no expert but suspect that the people roaming the streets with guns are bottom feeders. Above them would be the white-collar criminals. And these people can be anywhere… the church, the university, the government.

So don’t fool yourself into thinking that white-collar crime is not necessarily linked to horrible practices like human trafficking. White-collar criminals may be educated and put on a smooth veneer of civility but they are damaging the economy, democracy and the lives of many innocents.

How to stop it?

That’s another matter.

But ignoring known operators certainly will not help.

What are you thinking?

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