Vatican says financial regulator to leave; he says he resigned | National Post | + Opinion

VATICAN CITY — The Vatican said on Monday that Rene Bruelhart, the head of its financial regulator, would be leaving, and Bruelhart told Reuters he had resigned.

Source: Vatican says financial regulator to leave; he says he resigned | National Post

Christmas is coming! by MC


How can I still go to Mass when I know that corruption is all-pervasive in the Church? Here we have an article talking about police raids in the Vatican’s financial sector. And it’s not the first article I’ve read about alleged corruption, money laundering, payoffs, protecting pedophiles, what have you.

When I tell non-Catholics that I still go to Mass, they often make all kinds of assumptions. Some think I go because I “need the structure.” Or maybe I’m just not that “spiritually achieved,” and get some benefit from the Mass even if I’m not a big-time guru. Others say I’m “too smart” to be a Catholic.

Well, in a way, the latter are right. I don’t buy into everything the Church teaches—especially the non-dogmatic material. I simply cannot turn my critical mind off.

But being open-minded goes in all directions, does it not?

I don’t wish to enter into a lengthy apologetic session here, but let’s remember that even in the Last Supper story, Judas is present and plotting to kill his teacher for a few paltry pieces of silver.

Evil has always been with us. It’s not like it’s going to disappear. Furthermore, Christ came for the bad apples, not the good.

So yeah, I still go to Mass. I’m not perfect. And anyone who thinks they are perfect are probably, in my view, terribly ego-inflated.

Does that mean I think everyone should go to Mass?


But for those of us who feel called to the Mass, do try to keep an open mind. Who knows, it might just save your life someday!

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