Women, men, love

Women think about yourselves, don’t let a man come and use you because his penis is his life compass. 

Source: Women don’t need to love their spouses or mates


Here’s one of the most convoluted, biblically influenced opinion pieces I’ve seen in a long time. A good example of how taking aspects of the Bible literally can reap ridiculous results.

If the author is saying love God first, and others through that love, then I would agree. But geez, I found reading this tough and some of the assumptions laughable.

The problem with saying “The Bible Says So” is that the The Book was written in various cultural contexts, most of which were incredibly sexist.

We see polygamy in the Old Testament as polygyny (one guy with more than one wife) but never as polyandry (one gal with more than one husband).

Sadly, this kind of retro-thinking continues on with some boorish louts today. And not only with men. Not a few women buy into the male chauvinism built into both the Old and New Testaments.

And this too is sad. Not only sad. Also oppressive… really for all concerned. Because nobody likes having their potential constrained and any guy who gets off on controlling women really is at bottom a jerk. And I don’t think jerks or the individuals they subjugate can really be all that happy.

Do you?