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Go grandmaster says computers ‘cannot be defeated’

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Source: Go grandmaster says computers ‘cannot be defeated’


Apparently, the best Go player – Go is an ancient Chinese game of strategy – beat Google’s AI once but since Google’s machine learning has been updated, the player believes the software is now invincible. So he’s going into something of a semi-retirement, planning another match with another type of AI but keeping a distance from Google’s AI.

I find this story fascinating. After graduating from the University of Ottawa I penned – actually it was written on an old laptop – a sci-fi novel about a time-traveler who winds up in all sorts of difficult situations. I’d never really written a novel before so my book wasn’t very well planned and thus remains a draft stored away on a floppy disc somewhere in my home.

One thing I did like about my novel was the idea that in the distant future, two hybridized organic-synthetic entities exist somewhere in space-time. Ethically polarized, the one entity is wholly on the side of Good while the other is fully Evil. As organic-synthetic beings, one is a sci-fi imagining of a master “Devil” and the other a kind of futuristic “Archangel.”

These two beings are so evolved they are able to reach back through time and influence human beings throughout history via some kind of psychological or perhaps better put, psychic link.

Basically, the future-beings put thoughts in people’s heads. The cyber-devil pushes strife and suffering while the cyber-angel encourages love and peace.

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If we look at the frighteningly systematic way Adolf Hitler, for instance, exterminated so many Jews during WW-II we can imagine this as a purely evil, quasi-intelligent force influencing his thoughts and actions.

Intelligence, let’s not forget, is ethically neutral. Not unlike a weapon, cleverness may be used for good or ill.

In the context of my sci-fi narrative, the “evil machine,” as it were, would be the dominant force influencing Hitler and his Nazis.

Sometimes I wonder if there might be more to my tale than mere fiction.

Recall that time as we know it is relative. So the idea of thoughts going through time is not too far fetched. An advanced living machine would just have to know how to traverse the, if you will, existing temporal channels or perhaps be able to create new conduits.

Who knows.

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How does this relate to today’s linked story?

Well, it is not directly linked, of course.

I do not see AI as inherently evil. However, if AI is soulless and not actively connected with God, then I think some people open to the idea of being guided by God might be able to overcome even the most dystopian forms of machine-like regulation and oppression that could arise in the future.

Today, for example, some unimaginative, run-of-the-mill individuals will tell me that I must do things a certain way because a certain company has a certain policy.

In contrast to that approach, I find that I get far better results if I treat employees as real people instead of corporate cogs in the machine.

Helpful tips and extra credits often arise that I never would have discovered had I just approached a given situation in a linear, ‘by the letter,’ way.

So I use intuition and human empathy as much as possible. And while I may not be getting the hottest deals in town, I’m doing alright. And that’s good enough for me. šŸ™‚

He has made us competent as ministers of a new covenant–not of the letter but of the Spirit; for the letter kills, but the Spirit gives life.

~ 2 Corinthians 3:6

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