ROME — The first Christians were not complainers, Pope Francis said Saturday, because “sad people are not Christians.”

Source: Pope Francis: ‘Sad People Are Not Christians’ | Breitbart


This Pope often utters the most simplistic one-liners. Is he trying to make the headlines? If so, he might do so in a more comprehensive manner.

According to Biblical lore, Jesus was extremely sad when both Lazarus and John the Baptist died.

See for yourself: How Jesus Handled Grief (Justin Deeter).

And for those of us who go beyond always taking the Bible literally, we have to ask how much actual complaining, selling out, and compromising just wasn’t included in the New Testament and Early Christian accounts because it didn’t look good. To assume that people – even religious people – were any less cagey back then than they obviously can be today seems, I hate to say, childish and unintegrated.

True, Christians should be able to rise above adversity, if not materially at least spiritually. But they still get sad like anyone else. And if they don’t complain and vent a little frustration, who knows, they may turn into pedophiles, perverts and/or international money launderers!

For heaven’s sake, let’s get real on this. It’s the 21st century, not the Middle Ages…