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Some folks think the Bee Gees are synonymous with “cheesy.” I was watching this TV show the other night called “Black Mirror,” a sci-fi show about tech gone wrong.

In the story a couple were driving through the countryside in their car and the husband claimed that he liked the Bee Gees.

The wife replied, “You dick… you always hated them.” The actors were from the UK so I guess the term “dick” is normal there.

Later, the husband goes out driving alone, has a terrible accident, dies, and the grieving wife purchases a robot to replace him.

At first, the wife is delighted with the robot. He looks just like her late husband. Even sounds like him.

An intimate moment with the robot – Black Mirror – “Be Right Back”

But after a while, the wife becomes dissatisfied with the replica. A turning point comes when she and her…

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