Are young people getting stressed out over actual climate change or by all the media hype about climate change?

I think we know the answer.

Here are two more articles that I came by, wondering how climate change might affect my country, a place that is already too cold IMO.

Personally, I don’t pretend to know how climate change will affect us regionally and globally. Any reasoned speculation is bound to miss a plethora of variables. Life doesn’t come down to computer models or academics’ bookshelves.

Who knows, that extra heat may save us. If a giant asteroid hit the planet followed by a massive dust cover, we might run the risk of freezing. And that extra 1/2 degree just might be our salvation.

Admittedly a fantastic scenario, but I suggest it to demonstrate that we’re not living in a test tube. The Earth is a cosmic entity. And what goes on there, only God knows.