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Okay, I’ll be honest. I do not really believe in astrology. However, to stay open-minded I will concede that the planets could have an influence on our psyche. Heck, the planets could be alive for all we know. Their type of life would be different from say, the usual organic life we call “life.”

Why don’t I believe in astrology?

Well, even if the planetary forces do act on us in some way, that doesn’t mean we need to be slaves to those forces. Consider a sailboat. With the simple maneuver of pointing into the wind and “tacking” you can travel against the wind. All you have to do is steer with your rudder and pull in your sail.

Human beings are not bullrushes or bamboo stalks. We don’t have to ‘blow with the wind.’ We can make our own way. Make our own choices.

In addition to that, for me the Holy Spirit – and I do experience it – takes the discussion to an entirely new level. A level far beyond the “Chakras” and “Planetary Houses.” But you have to get there. Plain and simple. And if you’re not there, chances are you will become sulky and resentful when I talk about the Holy Spirit.

Freud, his daughter Anna, C. G. Jung and others recognized that mechanism as projection, which basically means attributing something within yourself to someone or something outside yourself.

Grow up kids. We’re bigger than your backbone and the solar system. Much bigger.

Having said that, here’s what I wrote back in 2011 at Think Free:

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Libra (September 22-October 23) is the seventh and a fall sign of the zodiac. It’s symbolized by Weighing Scales and associated with the planetary ruler of Venus, and its element is air.

In Roman mythology the scales represent the balance of justice, symbolized by Astraea who holds them today in various courthouses.

Libras are said to be decent, balanced people genuinely concerned with ethical behavior. Jimmy Carter, John Lennon and Barbara Walters all fall under this sign.

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