The gender gap is on course to close…. in 99 years – BBC News | + Opinion

Global gender inequality will take a century to eradicate and the UK’s ranking has fallen six places.

Finland’s new power panel

Source: The gender gap is on course to close…. in 99 years – BBC News


Googling with keywords >> are developing countries more sexist? << I didn’t find a current story on that exact topic but I did find the above-linked piece.

I wonder how the standards mentioned in the article are standardized. That is, how are they defined and measured? What variables are considered conducive to equality?

Looking at one of the countries in the supposed Top 10, the issue of homosexuality is taboo to even discuss in that nation. Nobody talks about it. So are lesbian women regarded as “equal” in this apparent exemplar appearing on the list of champions?

Also, are women who believe in traditional sex-role stereotypes given equal weight here? Or are they just construed as ‘backward’ or marginalized as anomalies?

Not to say that I’m a fan of traditional sex-role stereotypes. I generally like to go ‘dutch’ on dates. If a woman expects me to pay for her evening, I make sure not to get out and open the car door for her when she departs. No better way to say thanks but no thanks.

Even better, she drives her car and I enjoy the ride!

What are you thinking?

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