Recently I’ve been going through some old stuff that I used to like as a kid. It’s my way of doing psychoanalysis. You look back at the things you used to think were amazing, you feel the old feelings, and then realize how much you – and the world – have grown and changed. After that, a little intellectual wrap-up and bang! You have integrated that part of your past with your present.

Freud would be delighted with me. πŸ™‚

I wasn’t a Sinatra fan as a kid. He was past his prime by the time I was listening to music. He was actually really “out” with the younger generation in the 70s. We were into The Who, Pink Floyd, Steppenwolf. Stuff like that.

But as I grew older I learned to appreciate just what a great singer Ol’ Blue Eyes (what they used to call Sinatra) is.

Don Rickles, well, he was always just there, sort of like how they never really got rid of Conan O’Brien, even though he hit a bad bump with The Tonight Show.

As for Johnny Carson, he was just hitting his peak when I was a kid, so my memories of him are almost God-like. Back then we had far fewer choices. No internet. TV and movies were it. Johnny’s celebrity status matched that of any Hollywood film star. And most of them passed through his show. In fact, anyone who was anybody had to check in with Johnny. It was almost like a trial by fire.

Today, everything’s changed. Or has it?