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Anyone with any understanding would remember that the eyes may be confused in two ways and from two causes, namely, when they’ve come from the light into the darkness and when they’ve come from the darkness into the light.†

Sorry folks. I’m not going to talk about the classic Patsy Cline tune. I may someday because that too belongs in my music listening catalog.

Today I’m talking about a rather weak Supertramp album called Famous Last Words. Even bandmember Roger Hodgson retrospectively admitted that the album wasn’t very good.

Recorded in his California home studio, Hodgson later regretted making this record saying it was “a last-ditch attempt to try and make things happen” after the life had gone out of the band.[*]

If it’s an unfortunate album, then why talk about it?

Well, as part of revisiting aspects of my past, music listening is a quick and easy…

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