We must understand the laws of nature before we can deduce their origins

Source: Can Science Rule Out God? – Scientific American Blog Network


Articles like this tend to ignore the vast array of mystical autobiographies and literature that come to us from most religious traditions. From a scientific perspective, we could say that the writer is overlooking essential “data” about transcendental experience.

True, he talks about theological arguments for the existence of God. But that’s like looking at auto specs without ever talking to drivers.

I often find it amazing when atheists and agnostics omit the vast body of literature concerning mystical experience. But then again, I’m not really that surprised. They probably ignore it is because they themselves do not have unconventional experiences, so are not drawn to writings about them.

Let’s face it, we are drawn to subjects we are interested in. If I have a budding interest in, say, the visual arts, I’ll browse the Art Section in a bookstore or do a related web search.

The above author is inspired by the physical universe so he seems to interpret everything from that perspective. However, what he fails to fully appreciate is that God not only created but is also far greater and qualitatively different than that which we conventionally observe—even with space telescopes.

Many “stiff-necked” folk just don’t get that matter/energy is not the same thing as spirit. In a nutshell, one must have an eye to see before one can appreciate God.

The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light. ~ Matt. 6:22