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Back before they were really huge the Bee Gees released a fairly rare Best of Bee Gees record containing songs from their pre-disco period.

Not too many folks realize that the Bee Gees were charting before the disco craze. They werenโ€™t as huge as they would become with hits like Stayinโ€™ Alive and Night Fever but they were a musical force in the late 1960s.

I first heard this album in cassette format up at Georgian Bay. My cousins were renting a cottage and owned the tape. Not overly impressed with the bulk of songs, to this day I still remember โ€œI Started A Jokeโ€ and โ€œIโ€™ve Gotta To Get A Message To You,โ€ the tune featured here.

To me, the early Bee Gees fit into that sorta British invasion mold. They โ€˜re not unlike early David Bowie or early Moody Blues. All these artists began with a solid rhythmโ€ฆ

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