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Here’s a bit of Canadiana. No not Leonard Cohen, Joni Mitchell or Drake.

Today I’m thinking about a lesser-known Canadian musician who never got much bigger than a local cult figure. I saw him live back in the 70s while still a kid. A somewhat older family friend and musician took me to a small joint called Fiddler’s Green.

Fiddler’s Green was nothing more than a garage-sized room in a tiny house converted into an Indy music venue.

Wilcox entered the stage as a bit of a long-haired ‘grandpa hippie’ character. It was just before he adopted a more clownish, jester persona:

 Wilcox hit local stages as a flashy character with  an oversized waxed moustache, a baggy suit and a flower in his lapel.[]

Honestly, I’m not a huge fan of Wilcox. But I did buy the 1977/83 album Out Of The Woods that contains this pub-crawling hit.

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