It’s 2020 — do you know where your content is?

Source: The Old Internet Died And We Watched And Did Nothing


When people ask “What do you do?” I usually give a diffuse, multifaceted answer tailored to where I discern they’re at.

“Oh, I blog, I go to church, I help out at home…”

It’s usually enough to shut them up but still not enough to make any real money.

For me, blogging is a kind of therapy, a way to further develop my writing and organizational skills, and a means to keep the fires of hope burning—both personally and collectively.

True, this is a non-commercial blog but one thing usually leads to another. Clearly, if I just sat here reading books or strumming my guitar in my bedroom, never getting my ideas or artistic content out there, I wouldn’t have a hope in hell of meeting kindred spirits around the world or of ushering in a brighter economic future.

So the web is still very alive for me. Almost like a lifeline, and on several levels.

Toronto is a pretty small town on a global scale, ranking around 78 in the top 100. There are some interesting people and a great ethnic diversity but to intellectually connect I usually need to go global. It’s a much bigger fish pond!

The internet didn’t die. It is just changing. People who cannot embrace change make me sad. Whereas those who realize that the Earth and everything on it is dynamic, well, they’re not such a pain in the a** as those who try to hold you back and keep things the way they were…

Here’s a fun sort of related story from my childhood. One of my first vinyl records!