I was tempted to note that the dominant calendar is based on Christianity but this isn’t entirely true. Not only do many other religious calendars exist but before Christianity New Years’ Day was dedicated to the two-faced Roman deity Janus.

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Most say the month of January is also based on Janus but evidence suggests that Juno was also important to January.

Not being a classical scholar by trade I can’t form an opinion on this yet. And today being a day of preparation, I don’t have time to pour over my books and web articles just now.

Who cares really!

Tonight many of us mark the symbolic beginnings of a new year. We can choose any day we like, I suppose. But for me, the New Year and the traditionally assigned birth date of Christ are inextricably linked for this festive, sometimes exhausting! week of praise.

Happy NEW Year!

Let’s hope 2020 gives us the clear vision those numbers suggest!