Welcome to the Nuclear Morning

Way back in 1984 I wrote a song called “Welcome to the Nuclear Morning.” I was a student in the nearby city of Peterborough, about 100 km east of Toronto. To get there you have to drive past Pickering, about 15-20 km beyond the Toronto core.

What’s frightening about Pickering is that it houses a nuclear generating station.

So this morning at 7:30 am the province of Ontario issues an alert that blanks out our phones and internet: There has been an “incident” at the power plant.

After a dismaying lack of information, I’m already planning my exit route from the City.

Now it turns out it was an “error.”

What are we to believe?

At any rate, the scare reminded me of my song written back in ’84. Why did I call it “Welcome to the nuclear morning?”

Coincidence? or was my intuition reaching into the future… (?)

What are you thinking?

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