Vikings – Lagertha is dead… and we killed her

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Vikings Season 6 Episode 7 “The Ice Maiden” sees Lagertha quite dead and the focus shifts to her funeral preparations.

As demanded countless times in ancient and medieval history, a human sacrifice is required so someone may attend to Lagertha in the afterlife. To me, this is the most interesting part of the extended sequence.

Question is, did the actual historical victims die willingly or was some form of direct or subtle coercion involved?

The TV show makes it all look pretty grand. Only the scary eyes and weird smile of the Angel of Death (the woman who regulary kills ceremonial victims) makes us wonder just how healthy the whole process really is.

Otherwise, the victim ‘joyfully’ goes to her grave, in this case via the blade (she had the other lovely choice of being strangled by a rope).

Hmm. History or TV history?

Human Sacrifice: A Practice as Old…

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