The past few days we had a sudden dip in temperatures and a significant snowfall yesterday. I had to shovel the driveway three times to make it to a party last night! Luckily, after a few slips and slides we arrived safe and sound and on time. No broken bones… 🙂


Ah, but Canadian winter has finally set in. It came a little late this year. I was sort of enjoying the “Green Christmas” thing. Global warming may be disastrous for some countries. But Canada’s climate is already a disaster, and I would enjoy a few extra degrees of winter warmth.

Other countries like Russia have also challenged the prevailing ‘wisdom’ concerning the alleged long-term horrors of climate change.

Personally, I think a lot of the hype just comes from fear itself. Humanity is a resilient species and while some areas no doubt will experience hardship, other areas, where ice is replaced by pastures, might actually welcome the change.


It will be interesting to see how things really pan out in the long run, as opposed to what all the prophets of doom are saying (many of whom, btw, are making a good living out of their skewed interpretation and extrapolation of the data).

As usual, I got a bit off-topic here. I was going to simply say that the second character in my new logo is just a guy looking at his ladle of water or sap, frozen solid.

January can be that way in Toronto. February too.

That’s when we need the love of friends, family, lovers, and spouses to keep us warm. 🙂