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This is just a 12-second test. I’ve listened thru computer speakers only, so probably best to turn down your volume a notch before listening.

I’m learning a new music production software suite called LMMS that is totally free. It’s a community project and very promising.

For those who have tried music production, LMMS is like Fruity Loops (FL Studio) but a light version.

I tried LMMS some years ago but it wasn’t quite good enuf back then to meet my needs. But it has developed considerably and I’m giving it another go.

One nice thing about this app is its built-in chord creator and arpeggiator. I love “arps” as they are called so expect to use this feature in the near future.

It’s hard to blog at Earthpages and do music production at the same time.

So this is a bit of a musical interlude… 😊

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