How people visualize God can have real consequences to life on Earth, Stanford research has found.

Source: How U.S. Christians imagine God contributes to discriminatory hiring practices


Read the entire article and you’ll find a few lines at the end about how this dynamic isn’t just about biased Christians. According to the research, it potentially applies to everyone. That could mean Hindus, Buddhists, Jains, Jews, Muslims… the list goes on.

But in keeping with the current animosity toward Christianity, the vast majority of the above-linked article – and even the title – emphasizes how US Christians are discriminatory.

Evidently, the people at and the author who wrote the article don’t see what’s right in front of their faces. The piece itself is discriminatory toward Christians.

But then again, it’s coming from America. And that’s a place where so many seem wrapped up in their own mythos that they lose or minimize a global vision.

Not all, mind you. And I guess we’re all guilty of national bias to some extent. But this piece just leaped out as a good example of American myopia.

When it comes to discrimination as it definitely appears around the world and within various cultures, self-reflection and comparing is a good thing. But mindless self-flagellation is not.