Yesterday was a stressful day spent mostly in a nearby hospital assisting a friend who is an outpatient.

What a thick place, some hospitals are. They may be scrubbed clean but spiritually speaking, I find the atmosphere pretty icky.

It wasn’t until this morning that I had fully rebalanced and hoped to start the day with some nice, classical music.

So I visited the Naxos website, which some of you may have heard, is worth every penny that the Toronto Public Library spends on it. An otherwise fantastic resource, this morning I got a distasteful shock when I saw this album cover.

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Distasteful is a polite way of saying it. Disgusting and horrific is more to the point.

How long will humanity tacitly accept our revolting misuse and degradation of animals?

From beef slices, burgers and fried chicken in TV ads to cramped zoos and worse cases of animal abuse, I believe future generations will look back on this whole scenario as one of the great travesties of 21st-century life.


Disgusting. Horrific.

I love J. S. Bach but could not and would not listen to this CD.

Lobsters have a sophisticated nervous system that allow them to sense actions that will cause them harm and feel pain. Lobsters don’t have an autonomic nervous system that puts them into a state of shock when they are harmed. For this reason, they will feel pain until their nervous system is completely destroyed.


How anyone could believe this album cover makes the product appear ‘classy’ and ‘sophisticated’ is beyond me. The label that condoned this perversity is from France. As the Naxos website puts it:

Alpha Records, an imaginative French label, has a fascinating range of rarely explored repertoire, much of it by early composers whose names are relatively unfamiliar, such as Pierre Guédron , Nicolas Formé, and Ignazio Albertini.

The disjunct between these light, glossy words and the visual horror of the Alpha CD cover is bizarre. The actual music may be wonderful. But I will never know as I must personally boycott this product.