Nice RSS Reader with direct links to Reddit

In my search for interesting news and fast ways to find it, I stumbled upon this RSS reader today. It’s a bit heavy on the “upgrade” option…. meaning, if you try to do a ‘search any topic’ you get a frozen page with an ad offering a 7 day free trial of the pro version. I don’t like that. And Quite RSS offers a search function for free.

However, this site does have some great built-in feeds organized by category, as you can see here:

Click on image for fullsize

In addition to the built-in feeds, you can import your own OPML file. Mine is quite extensive and has probably been hacked by jealous lowlifes who could never figure out the code on their own… but no matter. It’s what you do with a story that counts. And that’s where the lowlifes always fall short. They just don’t have it. If they did, they wouldn’t be hacking and tracking my stuff but instead doing something original.

That’s why I always share my discoveries instead of keeping everything secret. Confidence means you’re not afraid to share and try to hopefully elevate others. Creepiness, however, is all about using illegitimate means to try to get the upper hand—which will always fail.

In short, winners will always be winners and losers… well, unless they change their ways, will always be losers.

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