Ontario Provincial Police and CN Rail have told the Mohawks they have to clear their camps in Tyendinaga, Ont., by midnight ET tonight or they will face a police investigation and charges, Tyendinaga Mohawk Kanenhariyo Seth Lefort tells CBC News.

Source: Tyendinaga Mohawks say they’ve been given midnight deadline to clear camps | CBC News


This story has made some international headlines but in Canada it is one of the big stories, if not the big story.


Well, because it forces us to question what we mean by the term ‘democracy.’

As any good postmodern intellectual will note, the indigenous blockades compel the thoughtful among us to deconstruct the ideas of nationalism, justice, freedom and progress, to name just a few.

Oka Crisis, 1990.

Myself, I have deconstructed these ideas within the context of Canadian and pre-colonial history. I have also reconstructed my opinions after deconstructing. And I still come to the same basic conclusion.

Canada is a good country with ideals and principles worth defending and hopefully, a nation going somewhere even better.

Let’s just hope and pray things work out peacefully. They haven’t always in Canadian history.