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Despite the myth that Aboriginals lived in happy harmony before the arrival of Europeans, war was central to the way of life of many First Nation cultures. Indeed, war was a persistent reality in all regions…

Source: Warfare In Pre-Columbian North America – Canada.ca


I was surprised to see this info at a Canadian government web site. I guess Mr. Trudeau hasn’t had time yet to pull it down.

The simple fact of the matter is that despite some New Age and contemporary Indigenous myths about peaceful, flute-blowing Indigenous peoples, pre-colonial Indigenous people could be just as violent, cruel and revengeful as any European colonizer. Some specialized in slow torture. Others deemed it cool and necessary for young males to go out and get a scalp to prove their manliness.

The only real difference I see is that for whatever reasons, the Indigenous peoples did not invent guns, canons and large ships.

They may have been able to keep some kind of uneasy balance among their own warring groups but when the Europeans came, it was no contest.

No value judgment here. Just saying it like it is.

The story of mankind is largely about warfare. Sometimes it’s in your face and other times more subtle.

It seems the Indigenous people are more like Europeans than many are willing to admit.

Maybe if we all faced up to that fact, true reconciliation might happen faster.

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