A difficult mission.

Soviet soldiers writing on the walls of the Reichstag (b/w photo) 1945 Berlin – Image via Pinterest

Source: Defeating Hitler: How What Became the CIA Smashed Nazi Germany Into Pieces | The National Interest


Who me? Getting political?

I never thought it would happen. The first part of my life was mostly about sorting out issues, understanding society, and discovering my religious path. Now that I’ve found my spiritual home and see through most of the media spin, I’ve turned to other things—not necessarily unrelated but definitely more ‘small-p political.’

Seems a lot of spiritual seekers go that route; the peaceful Christian folkie cum edgy rocker Bruck Cockburn comes to mind.

For me, it began with an interest in sociology and was ramped up during grad studies when I began to wrestle with concrete instances of injustice instead of just playing with pet theories like some coffee shop thinkers.

Nothing wrong with pursuing ideas for ideas’ sake. But some theorists seem out of touch and irrelevant – Image: stock photo

In my first round of real “battle,” I won. But I had to do some legwork to come out on top.

In the second round, one could say I lost but in that scenario, there was absolutely no chance. The deck was stacked, the cards were loaded… (whatever that metaphor is, I’m not a gambler.)

Running up against a brick wall means getting your nose smashed in. And that’s pretty well what happened in my second round of pursuing justice, symbolically speaking.

How ironic that the first battle, which I won, did not take place in my own country of Canada. But the second battle, which I lost, did take place in Canada.

This sad state of affairs shocked and upset me because I suddenly realized just how far Canada had slid down the rabbit hole while I was away, studying in India.

And despite what some say at other glossy publications, the main problem of hostile interference in Canada continues to worsen.

So what’s this got to do with today’s linked headline?

Well, the above-linked story tells about the WW-II formation of the CIA and also of wartime spy training in Toronto, Canada. This was absolutely necessary to overcome the global threat of the Nazis.

Source: BBC – The day Mussolini was strung up in a Milan piazza

Back then, the battle lines were pretty clear. Grasping, authoritarian countries aligned themselves with Hitler. Those that cared for a better tomorrow did not. It’s really quite simple. Err rather, it really was quite simple.

Today, things are not so straightforward and the battle lines are not so clear. And that’s why we’re in serious trouble when it comes to defending world decency and honor. Canada’s very own RCMP allegedly was compromised. God knows what’s going on in CSIS these days—or the CIA for that matter.

Only a fool or child would suppose there are no systemic internal divisions, desperate struggles and cruel hacks that could hurt some Good Guys and Gals, derailing their careers or worse.

So how do we combat the menacing plague of hostile espionage, rank corruption, and their dark friend, clandestine occupation?

Cameron Ortis, top-ranking RCMP official accused on several counts of leaking critically sensitive information to hostiles and terrorists

Well, I don’t know. But not talking about it surely is no cure at all. And sadly, that’s what I mostly see in Canada these days. Mute silence.

Is this silence based on fear, shrewdness, naiveté, or perhaps some folks are just selling out? Again, I can’t be sure. But for many years my gut has been telling me that “something wicked this way comes.”

Gosh, I even wrote a poem about it back in the 1990s while living in Ottawa.

Hopefully, a few persons of influence will actually listen so I won’t feel like poor Horton in Horton Hears A Who!

Remember Horton? He was the elephant ridiculed because he heard something well before all the others could hear it. When Horton was proved right, he saved a lot of lives and was lauded as a hero.

No wonder Dr. Seuss was so popular.

Wisdom speaks through the ages.

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