The detection of gravitational waves changed things.

Source: Scientists Are Starting to Take Warp Drives Seriously, Especially This One Concept


I believe we can psychologically ‘pick up’ a lot of information about another soul, even at great distances.  Distance arguably is to some extent a psychosocial construct.

Some lovers, for instance, engage in physical lust but are miles apart in their heads. Other lovers only need a glance for their souls to commune.

It really is all relative—to some extent, anyhow.

If I want to attend a downtown Mass on a cold, windy day, I must take into account the travel time, the traffic, my readiness to do the drive and whether or not my hair is still wet from the shower (because there’s usually about a ten-minute walk involved from the available free parking).

However, if I do go, I often believe I can sense some of the other parishioners later in the evening.

In Christianity, we take the weird out of this by calling it “The Mystical Body of Christ” in which all believers form a part.

I don’t want to go too theological here. And this doesn’t only happen within the context of the Mass. My point simply is that distance to some extent depends on how we frame the issue.

So if some of us believe we can psychologically ‘travel’ perhaps immediately to meet with souls in faraway places, why couldn’t some super brainy physicists eventually come up with the means to do so physically?

Matter/energy is just another construct. It may be less fluid or subtle than thoughts, feelings and the soul. But with a little kick, who knows!