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Purists will come at me arguing that ‘hate’ is such a strong word, you should use something mild like ‘dislike’. First of all, nobody asked you! Get a grip! Haha, I’m …

Source: I Hate – Banter Republic


Gosh, a little humor here. Sometimes we need it.

Gottfried at Banter Republic is arguably one of the brightest guys on the web today. I always enjoy ‘kicking the can’ with him in the comments area at his blog.

Today’s reblog got me thinking (again) about something I’ve “disliked” since I was an undergrad.

What’s that?

The cult of happiness.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I like being happy and consider myself a happy person at heart, despite life’s daily challenges.

But true and lasting happiness IMO comes from inside, stemming from a good relationship with God.

Rather than repeat myself – while under stress – here’s comments made this morning (so far) at Banter Republic:

Admittedly, over the years I’ve learned to conform. I do say things like, “I’m fine and yourself?” even if feeling stressed or tired on a given day. But that just makes life easier. And instead of being an unconscious robot, one could say I’m a “double agent” pretending to be a robot when confronted with a phalanx of robots.

Actually, it’s not quite that simple. I try to be real and let some light and laughs through whenever I feel the moment is right. It’s part of being a Christian. We are called to share the light. It’s too great not to be shared.

But that doesn’t mean abandoning our coat of armor!

And a 90s techno remix:

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