Scientists set up new telescopes dedicated to finding aliens | + Opinion

As humanity’s quest to discover aliens continues, a team of researchers has set up two prototype telescopes at Lick Obersevtory near San Jose, specifically for finding the extraterrestrial. These telescopes are part of hundreds of telescopes that are going to be installed called Panoramic SETI (PANOSETI). The team is led by UC San Diego physicist Shelley Wright, and consists […]

Source: Scientists set up new telescopes dedicated to finding aliens


Okay, I’m going to go out on a limb and say what I really think.

I think ETs are probably already here but only some folks – very few – can tune in to their ‘frequency,’ ‘vibe,’ or what have you.

The notion of searching for ETs through conventional means is likely flawed. It’s arguably projecting our way of living and standard for knowing onto them.

If ETs can make a trip through many light-years and not die from old age or other complications, then they are way ahead of us. I mean, way ahead.

George Adamski claimed in the 1950s to have seen a ‘brainwave amplifier’ UFO as described below

By way of analogy, our current methods for ET searching are something like a crawling insect using its feelers to discover human life. If a person does not want to be detected, she or he just steers clear of the insect.

And so it is, I would argue, with human beings and ETs.

Mind you, I suspect ETs do connect with some highly sensitive people but this would occur via some kind of internal, psychological link.

Call it psi, if you like.

Unfortunately, this kind of link would not be subject to standard scientific verification. Myself, I’ve heard and read reports from various individuals and this type of “first contact” makes more sense than Hollywoodesque UFOs and yes, even Mr. Spock.

Our current model of understanding ETs is most likely just anthropomorphism.

Of course, I could be wrong here. And there is a middle ground.

The middle ground is the idea that UFOs also exist – that is, spaceships and not just psychic ETs – and that these vehicles serve to amplify the ETs’ brainwaves, intention, will, or whatever. So the ET simply has to touch some kind of control orb and the ‘ship’ amplifies its brainwaves and punches a hole through spacetime to enable an almost instantaneous trip.

Science fiction for us. But for ETs?

Maybe we’ll find out someday.

4 thoughts on “Scientists set up new telescopes dedicated to finding aliens | + Opinion

  1. …it’s good to know that a huge amount of resources is being spent to seek alien communication (and I’m sure you’re right sbout it being flawed) when we haven’t even began solving our own problems, namely stupidity! As Spock would have put it, I see no logic! 😉

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