Corona Spin – Is China actually hostile?

We all know what spin means, right? It’s bias. And bias can mean completely ignoring something that doesn’t ‘look good.’

Both of these pieces about Corona and pharmaceutical shortages were published yesterday.

On the one hand, Tucker Carlson sharpens his claws, pointing to “authoritarian” and “racist” China, a place which he also says “hates” the US and is threatening to kill Americans, which he supports with this:

Fox News, March 9, 2020

Here’s the full video:

On the other hand, we have this touchy-feely Vox article which emphasizes ‘production shortages’ and not a bit about the official threat which Carlson highlights.

“The supply chain is much more globalized today than it was in the past,” Rachel Sachs, an associate professor of law who studies food and drug policy at Washington University in St. Louis, told me, “and that poses concerns in any international global health crisis like this one.”

Source >>

So where is the truth?

Is China actually ‘hostile’ as Carlson says?

I have never been to China but while studying in India I did hear accounts from international travelers who said that, unlike India, the everyday Chinese workers in train stations and so on were incredibly unhelpful and rude to foreigners. That doesn’t sound nice but I did hear it from more than one source.

This was back around ’87-89. I have no idea if that country has improved its PR since then.

What do you think?

Is China inherently hostile to outsiders or do the Chinese just want their fair share of the pie?

What are you thinking?

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