I’ll be honest. For some reason I don’t feel like reading right now. But I imagine as the days turn into weeks, some might like to remember that many of the classics are available for free at Project Gutenberg.

And if you need a great free reader, I suggest Calibre for PC or FBReader for Android. For iOS, well, I don’t use Apple too much for reading so just use whatever you like.

A friend told me that Korg and Moog are offering music-making apps for free in Android and iOS.

But don’t wait because I don’t think the free offer will last too long.

LMMS a free music workstation that can handle external VST plugins in Windows and probably macOS. (?)

And another program budding music makers might want to try is LMMS. It’s free for Linux, Windows and macOS and comes bundled with its own sounds, some of which are really quite good. So if you have a lot of time, maybe take the time to learn it.

*** U P D A T E ***

Reaper audio workstation is offering free temporary licenses thru to July 1 2020. Reaper is a fantastic program I am currently using in conjunction with LMMS. Reaper doesn’t really come with any great synth or drum sounds but it can handle almost any external VST instrument, Tool or FX you can throw at it. And it really shines in its flexible and precise routing and customization. For recording/editing audio, well, I haven’t found anything I like better. Recently I made a few “stems” (exported tracks/sounds as .wav files) in LMMS and have imported them in Reaper, where I do all the fine-tuning.

Who knows, Corona might result in the discovery of a hidden Beethoven somewhere. Maybe it’s me! ha ha

(Trying to stay positive, folks…).