We believe that all of us are diminished when any are lost.

Source: Coronavirus might make authoritarianism look like the answer. It’s not. – The Washington Post


Let’s not forget the basic distinction between “authority” on the one hand and “authoritarianism” on the other hand.

Authority means legitimate power and wisdom based on expertise and experience. Authority is usually legal and above-board (although sometimes we see incompetent leaders legally elected). When democracy remains intact, however, incompetence can be voted out in the next election.

Authoritarianism is another kettle of fish altogether. Authoritarianism happens when a powerful person either warps a good system into something bad or when they come to power within an already existing rotten system. Authoritarian rulers rarely tell the truth, are usually directly linked with organized crime, and generally don’t give a sh** about you. They care about themselves and maybe their family (if they haven’t murdered them already). Don’t laugh. It happens.

Understand the difference. I’ve been talking about this for a long time here at Earthpages. Now is the time where we must collectively choose the right future.

In a word, authority.

And on that note, don’t forget to listen to what the medical authorities say. They are working their assess off trying to contain the virus. Don’t be stupid. It might be your last act. Or the last breath of someone you love.