Last night I felt a strong impulse to go to the pharmacy to pick up some medical essentials for someone at high risk re Covid-19. I was planning on going out about 2 to 4 am because it’s a 24-hour store. But no, my impulse came at about 10 pm so I followed it.

At times like that, I just trust that God is guiding me. I’m not sure about the Catholic teaching of ‘guardian angels’ – as in just one angel assigned to individuals at birth – but I do believe in spiritual powers and even ancestral help. Heck, I believe in all sorts of departed souls trying to help.

I mean, what else would they be doing for all eternity but assisting us down here?

So to make a long story short, I went out around 10 pm. I was going to cruise the parking lots to see what stores were not crowded. Logical but again, my ‘guide’ overrode that and I just drove straight to this particular pharmacy.

Looking in through the window I saw a considerable amount of foodie stuff on the shelves (larger drug stores in Canada also carry junk food, bread, milk, etc.) and there were not too many people inside.

So I went in, clutching my list and determined to make it quick.

Generic image – not the actual store

After scooping up a few essential items I headed to the back where the prescriptions are picked up. One customer came a little too close behind me in line and probably under the minimum 6 feet limit advised by our health officials here in Canada.

I mean, there was nobody else there. Why not double it to 12 feet just to be safe?

Some people can be dense. I hate to say it but they can.

After picking up the prescription I headed to the milk section. A few bags left. Just enough for me to grab some.

Delighted to see bread, which I have been deprived of for several days, I grabbed some of that too.

At the checkout at the front of the store, another employee walks right behind me while I am paying. Definitely not adhering to the 6-foot social distancing advisory.

So I veered away.

She said something. Another employee had to explain – can you believe this? – that I was ‘social distancing’ (even though the advisory is all over TV, every day and night).

And I added that I wasn’t too worried about myself but that I live with someone who is at high risk.

“Six feet,” I said in a matter of fact tone, after explaining my situation.

Driving home I almost emailed the store owner when I got in the door. But instead, I just showered and changed my clothes. I had made my point in the store. No need to be persnickety or vengeful.

On that note, I find it far more honest to tell people to their faces that you don’t like their behavior instead of saying nothing and sneaking around behind their backs, ratting them out to their store manager and so on.

Some don’t like being told directly that you don’t approve of what they are doing but you are actually doing them a favor. It’s much nicer than being a sneak.

Thing is, I need to go out again in about week to get more supplies. Will I wear a sign next time?


We’ll see.