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I awoke this morning to find a trace of snow outside. This is not unusual for Toronto. I remember writing a friend a long time ago who was traveling through Europe. This was back in the days of snail mail so I really do mean a long time ago!

In that letter, I wrote that it was snowing and the date was early April (I tend to remember these kinds of things). So it can happen even into April here.

About the photo, last night at sunset I noticed how the rays were illuminating objects on the window sill and the hanging that I’ve strung up for privacy.

The glass fishes come from Dunster, England. My parents had a friend who lent them their cottage there. So they went when I was a kid and had a marvelous time. While they were away I had a marvelous time too! My elder brothers and sisters looked after me and we had a ball.

The circles are orbs. Glassworks by a local artist. And the polar bears are from the far north of Canada. My dad did volunteer work in the north and really hit it off with the indigenous people, who gifted him many things, including this.

So the polar bears aren’t “Sears” or “Walmart” imitations. They are the real thing. Indigenous art, hand-painted on fabric.

An interesting mix, I thought. And a bit of beauty.