People who were amazingly productive in quarantine

Source: People who were amazingly productive in quarantine


There’s an old saying that we cannot control what hits us in life but we can control how we react to it. You’ve probably all heard of prisoners of war or victims of oppressive tyrants who rose above their situation.

This virus isn’t too different. Many of us are pretty much forced to stay indoors and take care. We cannot do much about that situation until things turn for the better, which they inevitably will.

I truly hope that where you live your government is being responsible and doing everything possible to ensure that people have something to eat and will not be evicted or cut off from utilities for missing payments.

And if someone does try to evict you, maybe just tell them to buzz off and stay where you are. What are they going to do? Put you in prison? Even non-violent prisoners are getting out of prison in some places.

It’s strange times but we are not the first to encounter such a dramatic shift. The above-linked article shows how some not only rose above but also created important works for the betterment of humanity during times of quarantine.

If they could do it, why not us?

This 1999 album by the Moody Blues comes near the end of their creative output and IMO isn’t very good. But I thought it sort of fit with today’s post. The guitar riff in the chorus isn’t too bad. There’s always something good in a Moody Blues album, even a mediocre one!