Watching the Business News Network this morning it seems about the only stocks showing a rise are those associated with digital streaming networks. Netflix is on the upswing, along with a few other prominent services. Facebook too is expected to make an $80 million profit this year, if I remember the figures right.

But we don’t have to play into that game (especially when many of us will be hurting economically). There are other free and legit ways to view content on the web. One of my favorite sites is the Internet Archive. Last night I watched this vintage cartoon and as inappropriate as it may seem right now, I found it amusing.

Vintage Cartoons – The hypo-chondri-cat

I don’t mean to offend anyone or be insensitive to the real loss and suffering that’s going on out there. But there’s also this widespread phenomenon called ‘gallows humor‘—meaning, if things become unusually bleak the oppressed just have to joke about the very thing that’s causing the suffering. Gallows humor can, indeed, be a healthy response for some people if it helps them get through a tough situation. Humor is actually good for us physiologically.

I hope readers will take my posting in this way. And if you think not, just don’t watch the cartoon.

Source: Vintage Cartoons Set 1 MP4 : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive