Organised crime might seek to exploit the coronavirus pandemic in several ways. What are the likely implications for the law enforcement agencies?

Source: How Covid-19 is Changing the Organised Crime Threat | RUSI


In the mind of some criminals, anything is fair game. Rip off a little old lady on a ventilator with a lifetime of modest savings, bankrupt a young couple just starting out with a new family, whatever. They don’t care. In their twisted minds if a person is “stupid enough” to fall for their wiles, then they “deserve it.”

Most of these reprobates come from messed up countries, have dodgy backgrounds and exhibit a history of shadowy desperation mingled with jealousy and a desire for all the good things that come with democratic capitalism.

This is ironic because many organized criminals immigrate to good, capitalist countries and drag along with them all the nasty psychological and cultural baggage that ruined their own oppressive countries in the first place.

Because their minds are already mixed up and conflicted, they do not see the paradox of their actions. Or if they do, they live out a kind of Jekyll and Hyde existence.

The influx of international organized crime really is like a virus. And once it gets a foothold, it tends to spread, just like COVID-19.

I have been talking about this for a long time because I perceived this unwelcome threat to my own country Canada. I even warned a few Americans whom I hoped were smart or perceptive enough to see the legitimacy of my concerns. But alas, few if any took me seriously. They thought it was a ‘Canadian problem’* due to our lax immigration practices. (By lax I mean inadequate background checks that fail to verify claims made in application forms).

Unfortunately, the acute problem is that these kinds of criminals, like any kind of viral spread, always want to expand their illicit operations. And Canada would be an exceedingly opportune base for expansion south of the border.

One person whom I suspect is an accessory to international criminals has already published in American publishing houses (the content is an irrational load of b.s. but specialized enough so that few are willing to challenge it).

Why I suspect this individual is a long story and I can’t publicly verify my concerns with hard evidence. Believe me, if I could, I’d be pounding on the RCMP door, pandemic or no pandemic.

But then again, it appears our RCMP has already been compromised by a hostile power at least once.

So it’s a real problem.

Nevertheless, one thing is certain. You can always spot an authoritarian personality because they try to seize on and exploit the naivety and vulnerabilities of others. Rather than using their intelligence for altruism and the common good, they search for cracks and holes where they can hide out and through deception try to take advantage of individuals or societal upheavals like we are now faced with. It should be no surprise that authoritarian personalities are often involved or loosely affiliated with organized crime.

In my view, we really have two pressing problems. One is obvious and biological, namely, COVID-19. The other is subtler and sociological, namely, foreign criminal powers hostile to democracy. But if left unchecked, both can kill not only individuals but entire nations.

* History indeed repeats. In a similar vein, many Americans believed Adolf Hitler was just a ‘European problem’ until the reality of the authoritarian tendency to expand became painfully obvious.