Last night I got to thinking… what does this nasty little enemy look like, anyhow? Here I am washing my hands, getting annoyed over unecessary junk mail in the mailbox, and generally living as if under constant attack.

Who is this enemy?

Well here it is:

That’s just one photo taken with the aid of an electron microscope. Here’s the whole lot:

And the source where I first discovered these photos (with some explanation):

An odd coincidence:

Last night I was also watching the TV show Fringe. The episode was about the black market sales of a terrible virus that turns human beings into weird monster-like creatures.

It got me thinking about the possibility of bioterrorism.

We have no way of knowing how Corona began. I hope it was not orchestrated but rather just a fluke brought about by bad hygiene practices or something like that.

I recall how foreigners couldn’t eat too much food sold by street vendors in India because the vendors re-used their cooling oil too much. Put simply, that junk food made foreigners really sick. So I wondered if perhaps something similarly irresponsible and dangerous had happened in China.

But again, nobody really knows how Corona began. There are prevailing theories but nobody knows.

If perhaps you think I’ve been watching too much “Fringe” TV take a look at this penetrating article:

Next, my mind turned to the sociological problem of hostile espionage and how it acts like a virus.

First, we have some seemingly insignificant attack, say a foreign professor from a hostile regime. The professor gets a foothold in a democratic country and just like a virus, begins the seedy project of replicating and expanding his or her hostile power and influence throughout all levels of society.

I’ve talked about this dynamic elsewhere and don’t really have the energy or desire to repeat myself today. If interested, just search Earthpages using keywords, “spies” “spy” “crime” ” organized crime” ” kreaminal” and “espionage” and you should get the message pretty fast.

As I’ve said before, we really have two problems we must overcome. One is biological and the other sociological. Both can kill individuals and democratic nations in a flash.

To close, I’ll reprint a poem I wrote after completing my Ph.D.Β at the University of Ottawa, Canada.

The Disease

I’ve watched it grow
I’ve seen it sow
true minds into despair

souls of sorrow
ladened deep
burning horrid stares

I’ve seen it work
at lightning speed
to destroy mankind’s seed

through the air
it does its deed
this is its only care

sans partiality
sans decency
Yes, this is “the disease”

You over there!
you believe you’re clear
of this melancholy breeze?

Well let me tell you
if you please
it’s a fatal,
dreadful siege

For once contracted
once enacted
you’ll go on normally
“it’s okay”
“I’m just fine”
“yes, I think I am still free”

But then, alas!
the grippe is tightened
beyond all points of ease
and shipwrecked sailors on the sea of life
all drown

Yes I’ve seen this blight
‘cross this land
and winds are blowing high
no apple pie nor starlit nights
will save this rotting sky
all is darkened
all are dead
all are doomed to die

Lance it fast while time remains
avoid a fearsome plight
destroy this curse
and rest assured
your mark is
for the

Cast it out and let us pray
“Lord give us back our sight”
Cast it out to guarantee,
Truth shall conquer might

The Disease Β© Michael Clark 1997 to present. All rights reserved.