Today is the last day to get Native Instruments’ Analog Dreams soft synth for free | MusicRadar

Kontakt Play Series instrument usually retails for $49

Source: Today is the last day to get Native Instruments’ Analog Dreams soft synth for free | MusicRadar


    • It’s a big download… requires another NI app, and doesn’t seem as flexible as a (non-sampled) synth… but I had to try it… You and hubs are better off staying true to your instruments… I only do computer music because I suck at most instruments! (well, not too bad on the axe in my day…) 😁

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      • I actually don’t really like that company! We had purchased the full Platinum Orchestra Sounds [a pretty expensive bundle] and of course after a system update when a newer version was needed, they said that we should purchase a new one! I’ll pass!!!!! 😡

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      • Yeah, I’ve tried most of their demos. Even Massive, which was supposed to be ‘the’ synth a few years back sounded sorta metallic and cold to me. I find that with a bit of ingenuity and layering, I can get pretty good sounds out of free synths. And it’s a lot easier on PC resources. If I were to go pro, I’d prob have to shell out for the big boys. But right now, I don’t see that! If I got pricey software, I’d need pricey hardware to push it all. Upward scale… so for now I’ll remain a happy hobyist!😁

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      • Oh yes, David and his Casio. I think I’ve seen that before or something similar. A fantastic performance, that one.
        Mind you, the old snake did have someone adding strings in the background. And pro reverb on his voice. Still… it is exceptionally good. Thanks.
        It reminds me of how he heard Metheny and Mays’ soundtrack to “The Falcon and the Snowman”, called Metheny up saying “Hey, I think I’ve got a melody for that.” And the result…
        One of his better 80s efforts, IMO. 😊😇

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      • Old snake… a ha ha …yes I did notice but still! I don’t think many would be able to pull this through and make it sound great! 😉 [mic without a reverb?!!!!! I wonder who does that nowadays! opera excluded of course!] 😉

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