They performed sections of the suite from Aaron Copland’s Appalachian Spring.

Source: Watch members of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra come together for virtual performance | CBC Music


Am I a total creep for ‘reviewing’ such a performance?

I’ll be honest, the TSO as it’s known here never really blew me away in my adult years. When my dad passed my parents still had two tickets and later, when my mom got older she skipped a few shows. Guess who filled in? I was too cheap to not go and waste the money. And on the whole, I enjoyed it. But I also felt that the TSO was a bit limp compared to other symphony orchestras.

Today’s online performance sorta reminds me of that. Are the strings even in tune, for heaven’s sake?

Still, it’s a nice effort and when they all come together – more squares – I think it’s far more successful. I even felt some real emotion for a second or two with all the squares.

Please don’t hate me, Torontonians. I was born to tell it like I see it. I panned some of the live pop performances hosted by Elton John a few days ago, and I see no reason why the TSO, if it wants to be world-class, should be handled with kid gloves.

Nice idea. Execution… fair.