Opinion | Stop Using Toilet Paper – The New York Times

And my own opinion:

I remember an Indian man in India saying with utter disgust “You wipe your ass with paper!”

It was an interesting comment, err insult, because it made me think of something I’d never thought of before. I suppose it’s some European throwback or maybe North American. I’m not sure and not too eager to read of up on the history of TP. I remember seeing TP at Pioneer Village in Toronto Canada and if I remember right, the roll or strips were made of some kind of cloth.

But to return to my Indian man, his insult was well placed. Momentarily taken aback, I didn’t reply that while many Indians in India use their left hand and water some really do not properly cleanse that hand afterward, which is a sanitation nightmare, like a good deal of that country. I saw Indian men doing it out on open fields at the school where I studied. It really was another world!

So now you know why many Indian people in India only eat with their right hand.

A pretty half-baked solution, if you ask me.

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