The Immortal Jukebox A5 Itโ€™s dark when you set off for another shift at the plant and itโ€™s dark when you get back to this dark room in the boarding house held together with flakโ€ฆ

Source: Toussaint McCall, Mike Spenser, Wolfman Jack : Nothing Takes The Place Of You | The Immortal Jukebox


Another great post from one of the web’s greatest music bloggers.

I had to dig a little bit into the archives to find this one. But that’s not totally true. Like many things, I believe I was just sort of ‘guided’ to this post and accordingly liked it very much.

Some would say my choice of date from the archives was ‘random’ but I don’t fully believe in the idea of randomness. We’re so conditioned by science that not too many people step back to consider the fact that the notion of randomness is a social construct—that is, an idea.

True, sometimes events seem random. And statistics seem to support the idea; for example, if we flip a coin a thousand times chances are we’ll get pretty close to 500 x 2. But statistics do not really account for individual instances. Why a head now and a tail then? (Let’s momentarily disregard those who say both appear in parallel universes…)

Okay, enough philosophy!

To get back to the post at hand, I was new to this song but did enjoy it very much. What I really liked, however, was Wolfman Jack’s ‘intro’ which is not really an intro because it goes through the whole song.

Who else could pull that off like the Wolfman?

As a kid, I was fortunate to hear Wolfman Jack on CKFH, a local AM station that (back then) was all about pop music. I was young and naive and didn’t realize the show was syndicated. I thought perhaps the Wolfman’s career was on the skids and he’d accepted an invitation to do a Toronto station.

Now with people like John Tesh hitting our airwaves on CHFI FM, I understand better. Wolfman Jack was just huge.

I adore him! Nobody makes me laugh like Wolfman Jack. Not on radio, anyhow. ๐Ÿ™‚