In the 48 lectures of Renaissance: The Transformation of the West, award-winning Professor Jennifer McNabb guides you through centuries of exhilarating change in Europe, focusing on often-unexplored o…



Even if your library subscribes to Kanopy, this is not ‘free’ because municipal taxes fund the library.

This is one of the intriguing points Professor McNabb alludes to when she talks about the Renaissance as a ‘product’ that we consume and likewise shape in the 21st century.

Usually, professors talk about history as being unobjective. It’s all a story, a spin, a take. Everyone but the odd dunce knows that. But McNabb is the first presenter I can recall to take a step further and say it like it is. History is also a product… polished up for the bookstore, the streaming platform and, I might add, corporate and educational curricula.

McNabb’s earnest reflectiveness adds a whole new dimension to these videos. It’s rare to find such integrity in academia. Add to that her forceful and articulate delivery, and we have a definite winner.

Even if you’re not totally into history, watch this just to expand your vocabulary. The opening video could be seen as a template on how to write and speak effectively. And it only gets better as you advance through the segments.