Every now and then my energy, as the Jungians put it, shifts from blogging, alt news and my two-bit opinions to other pursuits.

This is one of those times. Right now I’m working on a new, actually old, tune with LMMS, a totally free digital audio workstation.

LMMS is a bit clumsy compared to paid for software but it’s fresh and has sounds nobody knows because it is not used too much. I like that and am getting a handle on how to use it.

My eyes, however, are feeling the strain, so I’m just casually posting this via my tablet.

Just wanted to say I’m still here and well.

It’s a long weekend in Canada and cottagers are hoping to get away as travel bans are being lifted. Myself, I’m sitting on my butt right here in the city but enjoying the lighter vibe as thousands head out to the countryside.

I really dislike leaving earthpages blank for a day. But I need a break. Hopefully will be back soon!

Love to all my friends and first time visitors! 💝