First of all, as a follow up to an older post, let me say that I did the dishes today with a tiny bit of liquid handwashing detergent and (what I didn’t try before) baking powder. It worked great. Don’t try this without reading my first post and googling how to do it.

Today is the last day of a Canadian long weekend, “Victoria Day.” As a kid I would have been up at the cottage, putting in boats, docks, and taking off shutters. Actually, I’d probably be dreading coming back down to the city about now.

But that’s my past and in the present, I can still feel the vibe of those days even tho not there physically. Maybe it’s because a lot of my fam still goes to the area. Or maybe it’s because of a kinda ‘time loop.’ Maybe both.

This morning was a slow, restful time and I was thawing milk from the freezer. I’ve been freezing milk because I can buy more that way and hence go out less!

Something to consider if your freezer has space.

Milk thaws very nicely. An old acquaintance tipped me off that the best way to thaw stuff is in water. And she was right.

I felt it was one of those ‘moments’ so grabbed my phone to take this.

Someday we may look back at these times with humor. “Oh, I remember when I had to freeze the freakin’ milk so I wouldn’t go out and die!”

Gosh. It’s not funny. Not now. But hopefully, someday we can all laugh.