Science is worshiped by a religious fundamentalism that, contrary to evidence, believes it will guide us into all truth. This is objectively irrational.

Source: Why Science Is A False God That Will Sorely Disappoint You

The Groovy Guru – Get Smart (he’s a KAOS heavy who uses science to hypnotize people…)


I don’t know if I’d use the word “objectively” as in the above because I believe only God can be objective. Actually, the entire word “objective” demands deconstruction—that is, it requires unpacking and critical examination.

However, this piece makes some fairly good points. I would have liked to have seen a bit more on competing theories, and how this common aspect of science is often downplayed or entirely ignored by politicians, ads, and God knows what else.

There is no singular “The Science.” What we actually have is a plethora of scientific assumptions, practices, results, and biased interpretations of those results, be it about Covid-19, global warming or the best tooth-whitener.

But some science-bots don’t like to think that way. And if you do, you are branded (and insulted) as a DENIER. The funny thing about that silly term is that it denies one of the best things God gave us:

A mind to think freely.

Indeed, the line between science and scientism is often a blurred one. How many of us can tell the difference?