Yesterday was my birthday but I tend to play that down big time.

It’s not that I don’t like getting older. I don’t mind that, except for the general bodily disintegration…

No, it’s just that I don’t like all the fuss around one person – even if it’s me. So I tend to skirt birthday parties for myself in favor of gently contemplating days gone past.

I actually had a great day yesterday, the weather was fine and the atmosphere inside was especially good too.

As you can see, I enjoyed the day right up ’till the last minute!

I found the rest of these pics while looking for another file on my external hard drive. They were buried deep and I more or less forgot about them.

This second one goes back to about 2003 when I was an eager digital photographer who would ride his bike downtown to get shots like this. The filters are a bit heavy-handed but I was having fun.

The third image goes back to about, I dunno, maybe 2001. I was done with schooling but still enjoyed learning so would go to a large downtown reference library and browse all sorts of interesting books for the day. This is a shot from one of those books.

Father Sky, Mother Earth

And the last photo was taken a few years ago. It is a trillium, the official floral emblem for Ontario (since 1937), the province where I was born and live today.

The trillium is not black and white, as the government has so sickly been portraying it as of late. No, it is green, white and yellow.

Let’s hope Ontario gets its true colors back!