“Economic espionage activities in Canada continue to increase in breadth, depth and potential economic impact. Hostile foreign intelligence services or people who are working with the tacit or explicit support of foreign states, attempt to gather political, economic, commercial, academic, scientific or military information through clandestine means in Canada,” the report says [emphasis added].

Source: CSIS warns of security concerns linked to foreign investment in Canada | CBC News


I won’t say “I told you so.” But I guess I just did.

If you, dear readers, knew the frackin’ heat I have taken over the years for simply stating the obvious, well, you might even shed a few tears of sympathy for me.

I believe hostile foreign powers are the greatest single threat to our democratic freedoms and fair play in Canada, and it’s nice to see CSIS finally come up to speed on this.

Now… let’s see some real action… and prison terms!

Yes, professor X, I mean YOU.